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Vision Hema® Ultimate
Automatic Hematology Imaging Analyzer

Effective solution for automated differentiation of peripheral blood cells in large-sized laboratories
Vision Hema Ultimate Automated blood smear analyzer

Automation of cell differentiation in blood smears

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Vision Hema Ultimate
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A complete blood count (CBC) is the most wide-spread laboratory test. The WBC differential count is a part of the CBC procedure. Despite high automation of laboratory tests, the WBC differential count is still performed manually. This part of the CBC requires particular attention, focus and highly qualified technologists.

Vision Hema Ultimate automates the differentiation of leucocytes and erythrocytes in blood smear. Load the slides into the cassette, insert it into the analyzer and the system will automatically perform white blood cell differentiation and morphological analysis of red blood cells. Final results will be presented in the form of cell images pre-classified into groups. The specialist only has to validate the results on a PC.

Scanning and automatic blood smear analysis with simultaneous loading of up to 200 slides

Vision Hema Ultimate - Automatic blood smear analysis
  •  Workflow automation and standardization
  •  Loading of up to 200 slides simultaneously
  •  High throughput — up to 30 samples per hour
  •  Walk-away mode
  •  Touch control of the scanner
  •  Random access and STAT testing
  •  Result storage in the database
  •  Integration with LIS and remote access

Vision Hema Ultimate significantly facilitates and enhances blood smear analysis procedure

Loading up to 200 slides simultaneously

Load slides into the cassette and insert it into the analyzer

Automatic blood smear analysis

Results of blood smear analysis are ready and displayed on your PC

Blood smear scanning, including slide changing, takes 2 minutes at most

Fast and simple automated blood smear analyzer

2 minutes per sample

Up to 30 samples per hour

Up to 700 samples per day

Up to 70 000 leucocytes and 350 000 erythrocytes per day

Vision Hema Ultimate operates 24 hours 7 days a week

Number of samples analyzed in 24 hours
Up to 700 samples
240 samples
Vision Hema Ultimate automatic method
Manual method

Comparison of automatic and manual blood smear analysis methods. Vision Hema Ultimate analyzes up to 700 blood smear samples in 24 hours. According to regulatory standards, manual WBC differential count of 1 smear takes 6 minutes. In other words, only 240 samples can be analyzed within the same time frame compared with the automatic method.

Efficient use of time increases laboratory productivity and saves resources

Vision Hema Ultimate is 4.5 times more efficient than the manual method
Up to 4.5x
Vision Hema Ultimate automatic method
Manual method

Automatic method

Vision Hema Ultimate Automatic method

Vision Hema Ultimate automatically scans and analyzes blood smears. The specialist works with images of cells pre-classified into groups on PC monitor. Validation of 1 sample takes only 1 minute, which means the specialist examines 350 samples per shift. As a result, analysis of 700 blood smear samples only requires 1 workplace and 2 specialists that work in shifts.

Manual method

Manual method

A specialist manually examines approximately 80 samples per shift. The analysis is fully manual. Examination of 700 blood smear samples would require 3 workplaces and 9 specialists operating on a three-shift basis.

Control and validity of results

Quality control

Vision Hema Ultimate performs blood smear analysis as defined by "Reference Leukocyte Differential Count (Proportional) and Evaluation of Instrumental Methods. CLSI H20-A2".

Each examined sample stores information about leucocyte’s collection path, detection control and quality control for differentiation of each type of leucocyte.

The system automatically calculates diagnostic sensitivity, specificity and efficiency for each type of leucocyte to evaluate quality control.

Accurate pre-classification of leucocytes

Overall diagnostic sensitivity for normal types of leucocytes
97 %
Diagnostic sensitivity values for normal types of leucocytes
  • 81 %
  • 96 %
  • 77 %
  • 98 %
  • 98 %
  • 94 %
Diagnostic values for normal, pathological leucocytes and cells not belonging to leucocyte type
  • 81.3 %
  • 99.9 %
  • 99.7 %
  • 95.5 %
  • 99.9 %
  • 99.7 %
  • 76.7 %
  • 98.9 %
  • 98.1 %
  • 62.5 %
  • 99.5 %
  • 98.4 %
  • 77.4 %
  • 99.5 %
  • 98.4 %
  • 97.9 %
  • 96.9 %
  • 97.8 %
  • 98.2 %
  • 96.3 %
  • 96.9 %
  • 94.3 %
  • 98.5 %
  • 98.4 %
  • 84.6 %
  • 98.8 %
  • 95.7 %
  • 85.4 %
  • 98.6 %
  • 98.2 %
  • 87.8 %
  • 99.9 %
  • 99.9 %
  • 82.7 %
  • 98.9 %
  • 97.9 %

Quality control values are used for evaluation of leucocyte pre-classification accuracy. Diagnostic sensitivity (DSn), specificity (DSp) and efficiency (DE) are calculated as follows:

DSn = TP / (TP + FN)
Dsp = TN / (TN + FP)
DE = (TP + TN) / (TP + TN + FP + FN), where

TP — true positive, TN — true negative, FP — false positive, FN — false negative.

If the cell does not change its type (cell type 1) after validation, the result of its identification is considered true-positive (TP). If the cell does not change its type to cell type 1 after validation by the specialist, the result of its identification is considered true negative (TN).

If the cell is identified as cell type 1 but then changes its type, the result of its initial identification is considered false positive (FP). If the cell type is changed to cell type 1, the result of its identification is considered false negative (FN).

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Analysis of complex and pathological blood cells

    • Vision Hema Ultimate automatically pre-classifies:
    •  cells with degenerative changes
    •  immature neutrophils
    •  atypical lymphocytes
    •  blasts
    •  erythroblasts, smudge cells and other non-WBC

    Touch control screen of the blood smear analyzer

    Touch control of the blood smear analyzer

    Workplace for result validation

    Vision Hema Ultimate workplace
    • Review of data
    • Differentiation of leucocytes
    • Multi-gallery, quick review, marks and comments
    • Embedded atlas
    • Morphology of erythrocytes
    • Morphology of platelets
    • Collection path and leucocytes detection control

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    Information environment

    Information environment

    Single database

    Single database

    Vision Hema Ultimate shares a unified database with other Vision Hema systems. Medical institutions enhance cooperation with departments performing laboratory studies and improve the efficiency of the working process. Experts’ opinion for blood cells is available 24/7.

    Remote validation of results

    Remote validation of blood smear analysis results

    Vision Hema Remote software is intended for remote work with results. A sample analyzed in one medical institution may be reviewed in another. By using Vision Hema Remote pathologists and clinicians gain real time access to their patients’ cell images from their offices regardless of where the sample is analyzed.

    Integration with LIS

    Integration with LIS

    The Vision Hema Ultimate enables bi-directional LIS communication that eliminates communication errors and simplifies transfer of results.

    Multiple user access

    Multiple user access

    Appropriate workflow management during automated analysis of blood smear is ensured by multi-user access to the database with the flexible system of access rights settings. Each user’s action is registered in the log.


    General specifications

    Working modes Blood smear analysis, virtual slide
    Capacity Up to 200 slides
    Slide handling Automatic
    Immersion oil dispensing Automatic
    Slide identification Barcode-labeled/manual

    Blood smear analysis

    Automatic scanning and pre-classification Queue, continuous, random access, STAT testing, 24/7
    Magnification 100x WBC, 50x RBC, 50x PLT
    Quality control Assessing diagnostic parameters: sensitivity, specificity and efficiency

    Virtual slide

    Magnification 10x, 50x Oil, 100x Oil

    System components

    Contents Automatic slide loader
    Built-in barcode reader
    Microscope for scanning
    Automatic oil dispenser
    Personal computer
    Touch-screen monitor for control
    Monitor for validation
    Vision Hema Ultimate software
    Vision Hema Remote software
    Instrument for preparation of blood smears

    Technical specifications

    Simultaneous loading Up to 200 slides, 4 cassettes for 50 slides each
    Supported codes 1D, 2D, QR
    Optical system 100x Oil, 50x Oil, 10x
    Microscopic slides Standard 75x25 mm, 1.1 mm thick
    Immersion oil Automatic dispensing. A bottle of oil is enough for up to 1000 slides
    Communication Bi-directional LIS, LIS2-A2 (ASTM), Ethernet
    Throughput Up to 30 slides per hour (100 WBC, 500 RBC, PLT)
    Multiple user access 4 preset types of users: Administrator, Doctor, Technician, Receptionist; new types of users can be added; adjustable access rights for users
    Database Multiple systems can share one database. 1 blood smear requires 2 MB and therefore 10 000 smears — 20 GB. Possibility to archive analysis results via transfer to external storage media


    Modules Vision Hema RTC — digital morphology of reticulocytes
    Vision Hema Bone Marrow — count and study of bone marrow cells
    Vision Hema Body Fluids — count and study of cells in human body fluids
    Remote access Vision Hema Remote — remote access to blood smear analysis results


    Equipment and accessories Immersion oil
    Microscopic slides
    External barcode reader
    Printer for barcode label printing
    Barcode labels
    Automated stainer

    Demonstration of Vision Hema Ultimate using your slides

    Demonstration of Vision Hema Ultimate operation with your slides
    Online video example (time-lapse)Play

    We invite you to visit West Medica’s office in Austria, where our specialists together with you can analyze your slides using Vision Hema Ultimate system. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

    In case you are unable to visit us, feel free to send us your slides by post. We will provide an online broadcasting of the Vision Hema’s operation using the received blood smears. You will also have remote access to scanner control and analysis results.

    We accept standard 75x25x1.1 mm slides.

    To test Vision Hema Ultimate analyzer using your blood smear slides, send a request with the “Slides testing” box checked.

    Experience the advantage of Vision Hema Ultimate

    *Product is not available for some countries.

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